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“Sorry! Not Everyone can be a DJ”

“The thought that any living person can wake up one day and decide to become a DJ is preposterous and a horrendous tragedy at the least and disrespectful to the legendary men and women who have paid the heavy price at best.  Certainly, there is a plethora of cheap gadgets, gizmos and contraptions on the market that can make you feel quite special for a tiny while…  But I must advise you that real, genuine and authentic DJs are made by God and nature altogether, as they should.  Real DJs are and must always be people with some serious sense of rhythm and the music on the large.  Extra ordinary DJs are people who are born with extremely acute ears.  Organic DJs may be slowed down or bruised by mankind and his or her politics quite severely many times but our ears remain sharply tuned to the music and in perfect harmony with great music through it all.   Those are just a few biological attributes that come with DJs who are exceptional.  And so soon as we are done addressing those crucial traits, we may proceed with other serious issues like committment.  That is because there will be  back-breaking work waiting by…  There will deifinitely be heavy lifting, both literally and figuratively.  There will be piles upon piles of recorded music to sort through and that alone can be overwhelming.  Oh, yes!  Then there will be the thousands of dollars you will have to spend on equipment.  But not so fast because you will have to throw in all the research required before you may begin the actual purchases.  As you may notice, it adds up in a rather rapid fashion.  So, please forgive me but not everyone can and should become a professional DJ because all they will do is make a big mess and give everyone of us a very bad name.  Then they will distort the market because they will be taking all sorts of cheap gigs [which will nearly always end up in a tragedy by the way].  Being a profound DJ may be bigger than the university most definitely…  Genuine DJ work is serious professional business!” 

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