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“Real DJ Art Love Can Only be in DC”

“One sure guarantee about life is that as you move along the path toward success, many followers, and certainly many emulations [much appreciated], will trod right along, just as is the silhouette or the shadow next to you.  Sad but lurking very close is always the other side…  Bundled up in the mix somewhere will also come bad imitations.  Here is our word to you, our dear trusted friend: Always look for DJ Art Love in Washington, DC; Kingston, Jamaica and Johanesburg, South Africa, and you will be certain you have found the real, authentic and original DJ Art Love, who will be free from contamination or adulteration.  You see, we built the DJ Art Love brand then accompanied that potent presence with an extra ordinary signature that stings like a bee.  We worked and worked on…  Then we worked some more to do the heavy lifting, quite painfully so, one brick at a time, over a mighty long time.   Hence, we have become quite confident since then that you, beloved member of our family, are indeed the best, which means you deserve the best and that you know the best when you see the best.  So, why should we not find one another?  ;)”  Serious Thoughts of the Real Authentic DJ Art Love