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“Original Phenomenon”

“If you want to be a superstar, that is quite fine with me… You will get absolutely no fight from me.  In fact, if you want to be president of the country, I would probably have no problem with that either.  You may even be some kind of a queen with a heavy throne to your head…  I will remain stoic nonchalant nonetheless.  And just so you know, I never ever vote for anything or any one at all…  I never have and I probably never will.  So, you will have my blessing in your quest and conquest always.  However and however, the questions will arise quite soon or much later, ‘Please tell us just who appointed you and exactly how you were annointed?  Please tell us how much blood, sweat and tears you have spent in your endeavors?  Just how much heavy lifting in the deep of the heat or brutal of the bare knuckles cold have you performed?  Have you come face to face with rejection perhaps more than once please?  Have you visited difficult people in difficult places in your past?  Just how did you overcome?’  Well, darling dear… Some of us have been through some serious fires.  So, please cool your gentle soul because you are now rocking with the Don Phenomenon System, without a drop of a doubt.  And the way we like things done, is if you allow us to be the phenomenon, nothing less.  Well, simply because that is just the way we love our shelf stacked.  Now, settle your soul and please do not forget to remember The Art Lover every time you pour a glass of fresh water to drink.  After all, all thirst must be quenched and all egos must be fed for sure… Love you always!”

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