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“No Mashed Potatotes Please!”

“There is a reason why we are in such heavy rotation.  There is a reason why we are in such huuuuge demand.  …We are blowing up all over the world and it is no accident.  Can’t you see?  And you know why?  Because show business demands real hard work and we have been at it since we were tiny tiny little toddlers.  We learned and we continue to be surrounded by the very best, the legends themselves!  We learned from real bomb throwers, the ultimate stingers for sure.  So, what does that really mean?  Well, that means years upon years of gathering, organizing and carefully curating killer tunes from all over the world.  That means the entire history of music from the first day music was ever recorded. Many many years which will be very very hard to duplicate.  Years of terabytes upon terabytes of carefully preserved songs just so we can share them with you. Years of arriving at the venue, going right to work and string up the place. Oh yeah!  You know the gentle Art Lover is not a pile of mashed potatoes because he rolls with a legendary, meticulously selected top dollar sound system.  …Certainly much sweat and tears went into that! Can you feel our seriousness please?  So, put careful thought into your decisions and absolutely have no doubt that the Real Art Love is here.  Love you!”  Real Love the Man