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“Deeper into Soukous of the Congo~Zaire”

“For many years we have been gathering all sorts of music originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly Zaire.  We must warn you that the output is incredible, vast and can be overwhelming quite easily.  But guess what!  All the ground we covered in curating Congolese Soukous, Rhumba, Tcha-Tcho, Ndombolo, and the multiplicities of fusions thereof, is paying off in some measure.  During my early years in east and southern Africa, that music was simply inescapable…  It was everywhere and you had no choice but get soaked.  So, recently we have decided to zoom in and immerse just a little deeper into Soukous.  Why?  Well, the audience is shaping up in the north America, Europe and around the world for one, and simply because we now have a little more quality time to listen closely.  I must admit one thing though: We are just not big on Ndombolo because we find it to be quite noisy and, perhaps, those crude, heavily sexualized dances are a turn off.  We find Ndombolo to be rather clumsy.  Oh yeah, we hold the same tough love toward Trap…  We hold the same dis-taste and dis-like for hoodlum format Trap Rap out of the southern United States of America.  Trap Rap can be a mess all around.  Hey, but what do I know…  You decide at your own speed!” Still the Real Art Love