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“Sorry! Not Everyone can be a DJ”

“The thought that any living person can wake up one day and decide to become a DJ is preposterous and a horrendous tragedy at the least and disrespectful to the legendary men and women who have paid the heavy price at best.  Certainly, there is a plethora of cheap gadgets, gizmos and contraptions on the market that can make you feel quite special for a tiny while…  But I must advise you that real, genuine and authentic DJs are made by God and nature altogether, as they should.  Real DJs are and must always be people with some serious sense of rhythm and the music on the large.  Extra ordinary DJs are people who are born with extremely acute ears.  Organic DJs may be slowed down or bruised by mankind and his or her politics quite severely many times but our ears remain sharply tuned to the music and in perfect harmony with great music through it all.   Those are just a few biological attributes that come with DJs who are exceptional.  And so soon as we are done addressing those crucial traits, we may proceed with other serious issues like committment.  That is because there will be  back-breaking work waiting by…  There will deifinitely be heavy lifting, both literally and figuratively.  There will be piles upon piles of recorded music to sort through and that alone can be overwhelming.  Oh, yes!  Then there will be the thousands of dollars you will have to spend on equipment.  But not so fast because you will have to throw in all the research required before you may begin the actual purchases.  As you may notice, it adds up in a rather rapid fashion.  So, please forgive me but not everyone can and should become a professional DJ because all they will do is make a big mess and give everyone of us a very bad name.  Then they will distort the market because they will be taking all sorts of cheap gigs [which will nearly always end up in a tragedy by the way].  Being a profound DJ may be bigger than the university most definitely…  Genuine DJ work is serious professional business!” 

Real DJ Art Love

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“Konde Moyo”

“I keep having some serious dreams and inside those dreams I am Muhammad Ali.  I see myself taking serious blows and I see myself drifting in slow motion… Moving slowly toward total defeat.  So, I rope-a-dope and I move in majestic Bruce Lee fashion.  I realise that now I have no choice but to reserve the very best for last.  …Okay, I now have this ‘konde moyo’ ready, waiting and I am not quite sure if I should unleash!  By now, I guess I have transformed into Koffi Olomide because I am now ‘the ascension’.  And in the ultimate end, I think I should just hand in the towel and admit that I am a ninja!”  Real Love, Real Talk

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“Original Phenomenon”

“If you want to be a superstar, that is quite fine with me… You will get absolutely no fight from me.  In fact, if you want to be president of the country, I would probably have no problem with that either.  You may even be some kind of a queen with a heavy throne to your head…  I will remain stoic nonchalant nonetheless.  And just so you know, I never ever vote for anything or any one at all…  I never have and I probably never will.  So, you will have my blessing in your quest and conquest always.  However and however, the questions will arise quite soon or much later, ‘Please tell us just who appointed you and exactly how you were annointed?  Please tell us how much blood, sweat and tears you have spent in your endeavors?  Just how much heavy lifting in the deep of the heat or brutal of the bare knuckles cold have you performed?  Have you come face to face with rejection perhaps more than once please?  Have you visited difficult people in difficult places in your past?  Just how did you overcome?’  Well, darling dear… Some of us have been through some serious fires.  So, please cool your gentle soul because you are now rocking with the Don Phenomenon System, without a drop of a doubt.  And the way we like things done, is if you allow us to be the phenomenon, nothing less.  Well, simply because that is just the way we love our shelf stacked.  Now, settle your soul and please do not forget to remember The Art Lover every time you pour a glass of fresh water to drink.  After all, all thirst must be quenched and all egos must be fed for sure… Love you always!”

Art Love the Phenomenon

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“Deeper into Soukous of the Congo~Zaire”

“For many years we have been gathering all sorts of music originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly Zaire.  We must warn you that the output is incredible, vast and can be overwhelming quite easily.  But guess what!  All the ground we covered in curating Congolese Soukous, Rhumba, Tcha-Tcho, Ndombolo, and the multiplicities of fusions thereof, is paying off in some measure.  During my early years in east and southern Africa, that music was simply inescapable…  It was everywhere and you had no choice but get soaked.  So, recently we have decided to zoom in and immerse just a little deeper into Soukous.  Why?  Well, the audience is shaping up in the north America, Europe and around the world for one, and simply because we now have a little more quality time to listen closely.  I must admit one thing though: We are just not big on Ndombolo because we find it to be quite noisy and, perhaps, those crude, heavily sexualized dances are a turn off.  We find Ndombolo to be rather clumsy.  Oh yeah, we hold the same tough love toward Trap…  We hold the same dis-taste and dis-like for hoodlum format Trap Rap out of the southern United States of America.  Trap Rap can be a mess all around.  Hey, but what do I know…  You decide at your own speed!” Still the Real Art Love

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“Real DJ Art Love Can Only be in DC”

“One sure guarantee about life is that as you move along the path toward success, many followers, and certainly many emulations [much appreciated], will trod right along, just as is the silhouette or the shadow next to you.  Sad but lurking very close is always the other side…  Bundled up in the mix somewhere will also come bad imitations.  Here is our word to you, our dear trusted friend: Always look for DJ Art Love in Washington, DC; Kingston, Jamaica and Johanesburg, South Africa, and you will be certain you have found the real, authentic and original DJ Art Love, who will be free from contamination or adulteration.  You see, we built the DJ Art Love brand then accompanied that potent presence with an extra ordinary signature that stings like a bee.  We worked and worked on…  Then we worked some more to do the heavy lifting, quite painfully so, one brick at a time, over a mighty long time.   Hence, we have become quite confident since then that you, beloved member of our family, are indeed the best, which means you deserve the best and that you know the best when you see the best.  So, why should we not find one another?  ;)”  Serious Thoughts of the Real Authentic DJ Art Love

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“No Mashed Potatotes Please!”

“There is a reason why we are in such heavy rotation.  There is a reason why we are in such huuuuge demand.  …We are blowing up all over the world and it is no accident.  Can’t you see?  And you know why?  Because show business demands real hard work and we have been at it since we were tiny tiny little toddlers.  We learned and we continue to be surrounded by the very best, the legends themselves!  We learned from real bomb throwers, the ultimate stingers for sure.  So, what does that really mean?  Well, that means years upon years of gathering, organizing and carefully curating killer tunes from all over the world.  That means the entire history of music from the first day music was ever recorded. Many many years which will be very very hard to duplicate.  Years of terabytes upon terabytes of carefully preserved songs just so we can share them with you. Years of arriving at the venue, going right to work and string up the place. Oh yeah!  You know the gentle Art Lover is not a pile of mashed potatoes because he rolls with a legendary, meticulously selected top dollar sound system.  …Certainly much sweat and tears went into that! Can you feel our seriousness please?  So, put careful thought into your decisions and absolutely have no doubt that the Real Art Love is here.  Love you!”  Real Love the Man

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“The Thin Line Between Music & Noise”

“The line between music and noise is very thin indeed…  So, do you really know and trust your DJ?  Does your DJ really know the history behind the sound?  Does your DJ sound like a barbie doll on YouTube or a real killer music man who makes you say, ‘Oh yeah!’  There are too many clown DJs out there, so be careful!  There are too many people who are looking for cheap, easy fame and a quick buck out there…  But no need to worry because we the real core are here now…  We have paid every price there is to pay and we are ready for the rejection that is to come.  And with grace & mercy, we have finally arrived to take back our steel & our sting…  We are here to uplift the very few chosen young people; those born with the music tattoed to their spines.  We know them when we hear them…  We know them quite well!”  DJ Art Love

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