☆ DJ Art L♡ve “The Real Love” ☆
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♧World famous DJ + Pro lighting♧ One price, full service!  Beautiful modern lighting for weddings & all events included.  No run around; no waiting & no long phone calls just for a simple quote; no silly contracts; no big mess.  We have everything you need, so you do not ever have to contact a separate company for lighting or anything else.  Why pay & waste all that money anyway?   Whatever your language, ethnic background or country of origin, we’ve got you covered.  You draw the playlist & we shape your special day according to your playlist.  Top end, chic!

♧Conferences & Meetings♧ Rent our top dollar world class sound/audio & lighting systems for your conference, meeting, business or #hotel; education or TED Talks; film & broadcast; concert or live sound; exhibition, pep rally or any other event you may think of.  We have a warehouse full of the very best modern professional gear.  Yep! We shop all day long, every day just for you.  Now, you know all that equipment means nothing if you do not understand the complicated engineering & knowledge required.  Well! We are all professionally trained and we hold bachelors degrees in engineering with minors in physics and mathematics.

IT Support & ConsultingImpieReal Systems is the I.T. / technical support division by DJ Art Lovr.

Beauty & MakeupGift Sting is the comfort, luxury & beauty division by the history-making Art Lover.

Cute MaestroQute Maestro is the learning, education & academic excellence idea by the Gift Sting Group.

There can only be one DJ Art Love… Only one! And he travels with a deep catalog of clean killer music [music without violence, profanity, gangsterism or racism]. Just many years of fine tuning.

Weddings, Fashion, Corporate
Heavy Soul, R&B & Hip Hop
Heavy Reggae, Dancehall & Soca
House & Pop


“Simply the greatest DJ in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland & the world.  Please keep us in mind for your upcoming events.  Here are things to keep in mind about our vibrations:  We actually started off with the burning passion for the music…  Yes, the music alone & nothing more.  We did not set out with ideas of making money or building a corporation with endless rules just so we can squeeze & milk you, our people.  We are true musicians, not business people.  Here is the authentic real McCoy & one of the very final of the legendary generation of true originals…  Here is a DJ who did not come along with the hype of the Internet & the digital mambo jambo…  Here is a DJ who goes way back to the bare knuckles era of the analog vinyl.  And when we arrive at the venue, we bring the art, the music, the history, the spirit & the love!  So, if music is where it’s at, you have the real live love DJ ART LOVE.  Love you & please do not forget to smile.  Thank you so much!  ;)”

+1 (202) 681-2044 


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